Siraya Peoples’ Kong-Ā-Nā Tribal Community Research Project

The Kong-Ā-Nā tribal community in Tainan is known for its famous low-altitude sunrises and sunsets, its beautiful landscape, sightseeing, cycling and camping. The Presbyterian Church has also had a profound impact on the local community when James Laidlaw Maxwell (1836 – 1921) introduced Christianity to the locals over 150 years ago. This blend of Kong-Ā-Nā Siraya peoples’ knowledge and Presbyterian missionary history is attracting valuable field research projects.

One such research project is founded by Taiwan Historica of Academia Historia Office. The research is expected undertake field interviews and to collect historical, land deeds, contracts, photos, and government registration records. Since the Church plays such an important role in the tribal community, baptized records and congregation records and reports would be also collected.

With personal control and annotation methods and collecting research related documents from the past few decades it is envisaged that this would expand the literature collection, establish a data inventory, and compile a tribal database through basic induction and analysis. The project is also expected to compile historical and contemporary issues such as the origin of the Kong-Ā-Nā  people, their domestic migration, the change in landscape and development of education, politics, economy, and religion. It is with anticipation that by recording this tribal history this will supplement the tribes oral historical data.

Other fields helping to understand the history, geography, politics, economy, society, art, ecology, religion, and personal history of the community will be welcomed by Kong-Ā-Nā  people. More importantly, being able to re-establish the humanities, history and culture of the indigenous peoples, provide teaching materials that can be used at all levels, and help the restore the power of the Siraya Indigenous Peoples will be warmly received.

For more detail inforamtion, please contact the project principle investergator Dr. Bavaragh Dagalomai / Jolan HSIEH.